The house of women's conversation is a unique center that celebrates the contribution of the women of Petah Tikva 

in general and the women who took part in establishing the colony in particular.

The contribution of the women to the establishment of the colony was humbled for years,

but they were full partners for the construction, creation and renewal of the colony. 

The house of women's conversation brings to life the wonderful story of all women who were first in their field

and led the path for their successors. Each in her own field has created something out of thin air.


Petah Tikva was the first colony to be established in Israel and developed into one of the largest and most developed cities in the country.

From its establishment until today, women had a significant role in building the city.

Women operated and influenced every field, from medicine to sports, from culture to agriculture to

constructing and building. This, of course, in addition to being homemakers, taking care of housework and raising children.


The House Of Women's Conversation Establishment

The house of women's conversation is the initiative of Ms. Ayelet Cohen, Who was a member of the city council between 2003-2008 And believed that the stories of the pioneer women must be told. 

The creation of this house involved volunteers who worked diligently to fulfil this vision. 

Establishment of the archive and research: Dr. Miriam Kaczynski – historian, Ilana Zohar – M.A in Community Education, Dr. Yael Marcus – Editor of Language and Style. Erella Golan – conservation architect, Dita Gurevitch – Expert in designing exhibitions.  

The house of women's conversation is located in the "Svetitzky House" Which was transferred to the public by the Svetitzky family, One of the first settlers in the colony. The house was built in the 1920s and is located in city center (next to the market).


Visitor's Experience

The house of women's conversation invites visitors to a thought-provoking visit that combines past and present,

in between the women who founded the colony and modern pioneer women.

The visit is accompanied by a tour guide and includes a guided discussion

on the perpetuation of women throughout history and equality of opportunities to women in our society

At the heart of the visit, guests are invited to watch a fascinating and moving feature film

revealing the story of several women who made a significant contribution to the city's establishment and development,

and the difficulties that accompanied them on their way.

Later, visitors are invited to wander through the digital archive and discover more pioneer women and their unique stories.


בית שיח נשים תמונת הבית מבחוץ
מרכז מבקרים בית שיח נשים
קיר הכניסה לבית עליו תלויות אוסף של תמונות ממוסגרות
מרכז מבקרים בית שיח נשים
אודות בית שיח נשים: בית סווטיצקי תמונת חוץ
בית שיח נשים - לוגו הבית תלוי על קיר הכניסה לבית
בית שיח נשים- תמונה של קבוצת אנשים בתוך הבית בזמן פעילות מודרכת